My Experience As A Duke Hospitalist

"Being a hospitalist at Duke provides me exposure to an amazing diversity of patients and the privilege to help patients through acute illness, often at their hour of greatest need.  Moreover, being at Duke means we have the opportunity to participate in work that is improving how we deliver care not just to one patient, but to all of them.”
“I was provided a wonderful mentor when I started (fresh from training) who really helped me settle in to my new role as a hospitalist and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. One of the amazing strengths of our program is the very high caliber of the physicians and PAs who are dedicated to caring for our patients and for each other. It is a privilege to work with them!”
“Duke has offered me teaching opportunities with learners at different levels and in a variety of programs. These experiences allow me to influence others in areas that I am passionate about, and they challenge me to stay up-to-date and pursue excellence in all aspects of practicing medicine.”



“Work as Duke Hospitalist and Clinical Researcher has been a rich experience.  I routinely learn from my patients - I learn from their lives - their stories of illness, healing and wellness.  These stories  guide  our  research they shape the questions that we ask and give meaning to the work we do.  As a Hospitalist, I also see research affecting my patients in the hospital - I see people getting better on therapies developed just down the road.  It is one thing to develop a therapy that will help people; it is another entirely to care about someone and see them getting well.”  

"It's great to be a hospitalist with Duke Health System. Our colleagues aregreat to work with and there are lots of opportunities to grow professionally. We are supported by our leadership, treated with respect, and our opinions count."


"At Duke University Health System Hospital Medicine I have met incredibly talented individuals and had my career goals succeed beyond my expectations. This is an amazing institution with so many great people and opportunities. It is in a wonderful place to live with many strengths in the community. I look forward to my next 10 years here!”





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